When does epilepsy attack

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Some time ago, I took my nephew to the amusement park to play. On the way, I found a child suddenly fell to the ground and his family members were scared. It was the kind-hearted people around who helped him to the hospital to avoid the deterioration of the situation. Today, let me talk about when the epilepsy attack.

When does epilepsy attack

First: excessive physical labor, excessive mental work, intense sports can induce seizures. Mental tension, sadness, sadness, excessive excitement can induce seizures. A large amount of drinking water, too full or too hungry can induce seizures. Smoking, drinking, drinking strong tea or taking spicy food and food containing a lot of caffeine can induce seizures. Colds and fever can also induce seizures.

Second: epileptic seizures with uncertainty, seizure time is different, can be in sleep seizures, known as sleep epilepsy. Epilepsy is a chronic central nervous disease, but with the development of medicine, it can be completely eradicated by targeted treatment after the location of abnormal discharge neurons is clear. Epilepsy has a sudden, regardless of any time, place.

Third: epileptic patients in mental stress, anxiety or depression when the number of seizures will increase. Quite a number of female patients with epilepsy in the menstrual period or near the menstrual period, the body's sex hormone levels are very unstable, so induce epilepsy. Some patients with epilepsy only in pregnancy, not only make patients suffer from the harm of epilepsy, but also lead to fetal malformation and even inherited to the next generation.

matters needing attention

So patients must pay attention to avoid inducing factors, develop a healthy and good lifestyle, adjust the diet structure, avoid overeating, it is best to quit smoking and alcohol, avoid overwork, pay attention to regulating mood, avoid emotional ups and downs, and carry out some appropriate physical exercise.