What's the reason for vaginal dryness?

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Sometimes, due to endocrine disorders, women will have vaginal dryness. Especially for middle-aged women, the normal vagina is to maintain a certain degree of moisture. During the process of orgasm, Due to sexual excitement, vaginal secretions appear from less to more, so that vaginal lubrication, female vaginal dryness and age, pressure, inflammation have a lot to do with each other, husband and wife do not complain, to encourage. So what is the cause of vaginal dryness? Now let's share it.

What's the reason for vaginal dryness?

First: for women who take contraceptives for a long time, the progesterone in the drug may make the vagina dry, especially for women with vaginitis. When they have sex, the vaginal mucosa will be congested, leading to the reduction of secretions, which will make the vagina dry.

Second: the pressure of work and life will cause endocrine disorders in women. If irregular menstruation and irregular menstruation occur frequently in a period of time, it may mean endocrine disorders and reduce vaginal secretions and vaginal dryness.

Third: some women have leucorrhea, think it is very dirty, often repeated deep vaginal irrigation. Such excessive cleaning, resulting in vaginal secretions and beneficial bacteria should not be retained, resulting in vaginal dryness.

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Gynecological inflammation is a very common disease of female friends, the most common is vaginitis. This time can also cause vaginal dryness.