Can pregnant eat crab

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After pregnancy, I like to eat food, especially seafood, especially crabs. My mother-in-law said that eating crabs is not good for my children, but I saw that my friends ate crabs when they were pregnant, and I didn't see how their children were born. So can I eat crabs when they are pregnant. When pregnant, women should pay attention to many aspects of the problem in diet, so in the autumn of crabs, pregnant women can eat crabs for the health of the baby?

Can pregnant eat crab

First, we need to say that we can't eat it, because although crabs contain a lot of protein, the essence of these proteins is very different from that in our body. Therefore, it is easy for pregnant women to eat shrimp and crabs to affect the development of the fetus. If they eat them when the child is not formed, the impact will be even greater.

Second: because crabs are cooler food, if pregnant women eat them, their children may not be able to bear them. If it is serious, there may be the risk of abortion. Therefore, for the sake of the fetus, it is better not to eat crabs. If pregnant women eat a lot of crabs, there is a risk of miscarriage.

Third: if pregnant women want to eat crabs very much, they should eat less, and they must choose clean crabs to eat, because the environment in which crabs live is not very good, so there are a lot of bacteria in them. If they don't clean up well, it is easy for pregnant women to have diarrhea.

matters needing attention

Crabs are cold in nature and have the function of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, which is not good for pregnant women, especially crab claws. If it's early pregnant women, try not to eat; if it's late pregnant women, it's best not to eat, even eat less.