How is tongue coating thick white to return a responsibility, take what drug

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In the past six months, my digestion is not very good. My tongue coating is thick and white. Recently, it has been aggravated. After meals, I have stomach distension and occasional burping. After meals, everything is normal. My body is thin. There are red beans on my back and my skin is itchy. Dry stool, sore throat when catching a cold, too much phlegm to cough up, afraid of cold in winter, the rest are normal. So, what's the matter with thick and white tongue coating? What medicine should I take?

How is tongue coating thick white to return a responsibility, take what drug

First, the thick coating on the tongue is due to the heavy dampness and cold in the body and the weakness of the spleen and stomach. The deficiency of the spleen and stomach has little to do with your appetite. If there are teeth marks on the edge of your tongue, it is spleen deficiency. To remove dampness and cold, you can soak your feet with wormwood, add wormwood in the water, and eat jujube and Chinese yam congee.

Second: it belongs to the performance of cold dampness trapping spleen. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the spleen likes dryness but dislikes dampness. The dampness trapping leads to the damage of the spleen's transportation and chemical function. It has great problems in the metabolism of water, grain essence and liquid. As a result, the stomach qi doesn't fall, bloating and stuffy, bad appetite, peculiar smell in the mouth, sweet and greasy, and fat tongue with teeth marks are the manifestations of spleen deficiency.

Third: due to the liver qi, resulting in stomach qi can not be normal rise and fall, resulting in bad breath. The hot water flushes the wolfberry water to drink to have the certain function, the winter hands and feet are cold, the hands and feet heart perspires is because the Qi and blood is weak, the microcirculation is not good causes.

matters needing attention

There are many factors that cause tongue coating to thicken and whiten. You can give your child more heat clearing and detoxification food, as well as more vegetables and fruits. You must add enough water.