How about the treatment of advanced pancreatic cancer

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My aunt has been complaining to me recently that she can't eat anything. She always feels nauseous and nauseous. She also feels severe abdominal pain. She went to the hospital for examination and said that she has pancreatic cancer. Today, let me share with you the treatment effect of advanced pancreatic cancer.

How about the treatment of advanced pancreatic cancer

First, surgical treatment, early surgical resection is the most effective treatment for pancreatic cancer, but the patients with clinical symptoms and confirmed by examination are mostly advanced pancreatic cancer, and the surgical resection rate is only 10% - 20%.

Second, immunotherapy. The commonly used antitumor immune agents are: ① levamisole; ② thymosin preparation; ③ interferon inducer, such as polymyocyte; ④ transfer factor (TF); ⑤ immune ribonucleic acid (IRNA).

Third: endocrine therapy. Some scholars believe that the expression of estrogen receptor (ER), progesterone receptor (PR), pan and Con-A in pancreatic cancer tissue is related, especially the level of ER. According to the situation, estradiol treatment may have a certain effect.

matters needing attention

In the rehabilitation treatment, the education of the patients and their families is the most important. Good psychological preparation and active cooperation with the treatment are beneficial to the rehabilitation.