How many degrees does AIDS initial symptom have a fever?

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AIDS is a disease very similar to cancer, some people will be surprised or insipid, the harm of both are extremely large. There are many reasons for AIDS, in order to prevent the occurrence of AIDS, first of all, we need to develop a good habit of keeping clean, and secondly, we need to pay attention to our own health. Encounter this situation, I think the mood is the same, then you know the initial symptoms of AIDS fever how many degrees?

How many degrees does AIDS initial symptom have a fever?

First: the initial symptoms of AIDS fever around 37 - 38 degrees, performance in the patient's weight above, in the three months after the disease, the patient's weight, will lose about 10%, or even more. People also look thin.

Second: weight change, but also in the patient's diet, after the illness, the patient's appetite will be greatly reduced, but also prone to nausea, vomiting and other situations.

Third: the performance of systemic lymph node enlargement, and with the deterioration of the disease, lymph node enlargement, will be more and more obvious. In addition, there are dyspnea, chest pain and so on.

matters needing attention

The sexual partners and spouses of patients should have HIV antibody test regularly; Other members of the antibody positive family should also be tested for HIV in areas where conditions permit.