How does child pneumonia do repeatedly

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A few days ago, I called my friend for a date. My friend said that the child at home was ill. These days, he had a high fever and coughed, so he went to the hospital. These days, he didn't get well. He also said that he had a runny nose, so he had to go to the pediatrician for examination. After the examination, experts said the child had pneumonia. My friend told the doctor that the last high fever was pneumonia. What happened this time? How often is pneumonia? The doctor said the child had an infectious high fever and cough, and a little bit of a cold. So it's easy to get pneumonia. So parents should pay more attention.

How does child pneumonia do repeatedly

First: pneumonia is often found in children, because the child's body resistance is low, the immune system is also very weak, many times, bacteria will take advantage of the child's weak body will invade. Children are mostly caused by a cold, fever, cough, breathing difficulties. These diseases are due to children's weak immune system, causing bacterial and viral infections, bronchial dyspnea, lung infection is easy to form inflammation.

Second: Children's pneumonia as long as timely detection and effective treatment, will soon be cured. At the time of discovery or with drug treatment, take some oral antibiotics such as hydroxyampicillin, hydroxyampicillin, erythromycin is the treatment of mycoplasma pneumonia. But to prevent the recurrence of pneumonia, we still have to work hard on the rules of life and diet. This prevents children from getting sick.

Third: in life, we should pay more attention to children's health. Don't stay in the dirty environment. We should wash our hands frequently and pay attention to hygiene. Give your child more vegetables and fruits with vitamins and trace elements, which are easy to digest. Drink plenty of water. Water can eliminate toxins from your child's body through urine. And more exercise, strengthen the function of the body. Enhance the child's body immunity and body resistance.

matters needing attention

Precautions to prevent children from contacting patients with disease. In addition, due to changes in the weather, children's body clothes should be appropriately added and subtracted to prevent colds and colds. So we have the ability to resist disease. In the diet, we should eat more nutritious food, prevent malnutrition, develop good living habits and pay attention to hygiene.