Symptoms of balanitis

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At the beginning, I had a lot of red spots on my glans, and this spot was still itchy. Now I began to feel that my lower body was beginning to grow pustules. During this period of time, I also found that my symptoms were getting worse. Now my parts are beginning to appear a kind of epidermal keratosis, sometimes with purulent secretions, And I suspect that I must have some disease

Symptoms of balanitis

Want to check whether they are suffering from balanitis disease, then the first thing to do is direct microscopy, but also need to do a staining examination, according to the results of their own examination to treat will have a better effect, so the examination is very important.

And when men suffering from balanitis disease, there may be inflammation, so many patients will feel abnormal itching, and the symptoms described by themselves are a bit like suffering from balanitis disease, so when doing treatment, we must choose to go to the hospital for some examination.

If you are suffering from balanitis disease, there will be many symptoms, and the biggest symptom is that there will be a kind of balanitis abscess phenomenon. When men suffer from balanitis disease, there are likely to be punctate bleeding and other symptoms, which is the most serious phenomenon.

matters needing attention

If you find out that you have balanitis disease, then the first thing is to use clotrimazole cream, levofloxacin hydrochloride capsules and other drugs to treat in time. During the treatment, you must pay attention to local health.