What's going on at night?

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I'm working outside now. I lived alone for the first year. Later, I talked about my girlfriend and had sex life. Recently, I found that I still dream about spermatorrhea at night occasionally. What's the matter? I had it once a week before, but I never had it again. But I don't know why it happened again recently. There are about four times of spermatorrhea in a month, That is to say, it's about once a week. Is that normal? Does every man have spermatorrhea during his development? Let's take a look at the following

What's going on at night?

First of all, if you have sex, it's normal to have spermatorrhea after 1-5 times a month, and you are young now, it's adolescence, and spermatorrhea is also a sign of maturity. It's suggested that patients don't worry, pay more attention to sex, don't be too frequent, and develop good living habits.

Secondly, every male friend will have the phenomenon of spermatorrhea. Generally speaking, there are few spermatorrhea after a regular sexual partner has a normal sex life. Accidental spermatorrhea is normal. Usually, exercise more, watch less, think less about unhealthy things, pay attention to hygiene, and it's best to clean the pudenda every day.

In addition, don't worry about occasional ejaculation, but frequent ejaculation needs treatment. Generally, if you have sex for less than 4-5 months, it's normal. But if you have chance to ejaculate at night, it's recommended to go to the hospital for examination in time. It may be a kidney problem, so timely treatment is recommended.

matters needing attention

To learn the law of their own life, sleep to avoid supine, do more outdoor activities, physical exercise, do not wear tight underwear, do not frequent masturbation can significantly improve your spermatorrhea phenomenon.