How is child hand foot desquamate to return a responsibility

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Children's hand and foot peeling occurs in different people, the symptoms are certainly different, many parents will find their children's hand peeling, not to say that we should also understand, which makes people feel very unexpected. When they go to the hospital, many people say they don't have to worry about it, and they can't say anything. So, what's the matter? Let me explain to you:

How is child hand foot desquamate to return a responsibility

First: Children's hand peeling, any age will get; from half a year old to five years old between more common; most of the performance of one or more of the front of the finger skin peeling, severe cases of dry crack.

Second: finger peeling mostly occurs in autumn or winter, which is related to children's poor resistance; most of these children are picky eaters.

Third: Children's finger peeling, more contact with external stimuli; for example, the carpet at home, the sand outside, some people will be diagnosed with eczema.

matters needing attention

Generally speaking, such patients do not need to be examined; some people think that they need to be examined for fungi, but the results show that some people are positive for fungi, and some people are negative for fungi. However, in principle, antifungal drugs are not recommended except for the older patients over 5 years old or the patients with severe diseases.