What are the symptoms of psoriasis

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Cousin's skin with a hand button, but also off dandruff, to the hospital for examination, the diagnosis is stage psoriasis, the doctor said to hurry treatment, otherwise the area will be larger, to share with you the symptoms of psoriasis what deep.

What are the symptoms of psoriasis

Symptom 1: psoriasis skin damage disease is generally inflammatory red papules, millet to mung bean large, then gradually expanded or fused into brown red plaque, clear boundary, around the inflammatory red halo, obvious basal infiltration, surface covered with multi-layer dry silver white scales.

Symptom 2: psoriasis is a disease with seasonal changes, the condition also presents a floating state, winter and spring condition will aggravate, and to the summer and autumn season, the condition will naturally reduce. This is mainly related to the cold and dry climate. When the climate is cold, the epidermal blood vessels will contract, the blood supply to the skin will be poor, and the disease will be serious. Therefore, we must pay more attention to it when winter comes.

Symptom 3: gently scrape off the surface scales, then expose a layer of light red shiny translucent film, this is the prickle cell layer in the epidermis, called the film phenomenon. Then scrape off the film, that is, to reach the top of the dermal papillary layer, where the capillaries are scraped, there are small bleeding points, called punctate bleeding phenomenon.

matters needing attention

For patients with psoriasis, we should have a persistent attitude to the treatment of this disease. In daily life, we should also correct some bad habits, develop good habits of daily life, eat more good food for the body, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and do some physical exercise properly.