Blue nevus malignant transformation symptoms?

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Blue nevus is a kind of leaf melanoma, which generally appears in the skin of the body, of course, there are a few cases will appear in the mouth, prostate and other places. Some people may be born with blue nevus, and some people are the day after tomorrow, no matter what the situation is, we should be vigilant, because blue nevus is a kind of malignant tumor, which is likely to cause cancer after malignant transformation. Usually you can pay more attention to it. Once you find that your blue nevus is undergoing abnormal changes, such as color deepening and fast growth, you have to go to the hospital for diagnosis in time.

Blue nevus malignant transformation symptoms?

Blue nevus can cause cancer, which is a very serious thing, do not go to those irregular hospitals for resection, sometimes not only does not help, but worsens the blue nevus, let the disease become more serious. Choose a good hospital, make it clear to the doctor, and then treat according to the actual situation.

In order to prevent canceration, when malignant transformation occurs, the color of blue nevus deepens and becomes larger. Patients can apply some erythromycin ointment, which is drug inhibition. In addition to this method, laser resection can be carried out in the hospital, and the advanced laser technology can be used to remove it.

Blue nevus is quite special. Once it is subject to local friction and other conditions, it is possible to have malignant changes. The color suddenly deepens, the size begins to grow, or the growth speed is much faster than before. These conditions are signs of malignant changes, so we should go to the hospital anyway and ask the doctor to help solve them.

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Blue nevus is a kind of pigmented tumor. It may be congenital or acquired. If it is found that blue nevus worsens, it should be treated in a regular hospital. It can be removed by laser or treated by specific drugs.