What symptom is mycotic vaginitis

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There are many women in daily life are particularly concerned about their health, especially for gynecological diseases, we all hope to have a rough understanding of these diseases, so that we can judge whether they have gynecological diseases according to their usual symptoms. What symptom is mycotic vaginitis, below I tell everybody.

What symptom is mycotic vaginitis

First: mycotic vaginitis this disease is usually relatively easy to appear, as the name suggests, this disease is caused by the vagina of patients with mycotic infection, if you get mycotic vaginitis this disease, patients will appear a lot of corresponding symptoms, will feel uncomfortable.

Second: if a woman has fungal vaginitis, she will feel pruritus in her vulva, and may have abnormal symptoms of leucorrhea. Sometimes leucorrhea looks like bean curd residue, and obviously more than before. At this time, we need to doubt whether she has fungal vaginitis.

Third: because the disease of mycotic vaginitis also has a certain infectious, so if a woman got the disease of mycotic vaginitis, her partner should also go to the hospital for mold test, and in the process of treatment, two people can't be in the same room together.

matters needing attention

We should pay attention to the hygiene when we have sex. Underwear should be cleaned separately. We should pay attention to changing underwear every day. We should not use personal belongings in public places and avoid cross infection.