Symptoms of cholecystitis

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At present, the incidence rate of cholecystitis is very high in our country, which leads to many reasons for cholecystitis. It may be due to some dietary habits of the patients or some diseases of the gallbladder. When patients with cholecystitis, the most important clinical symptom is the change of upper abdominal pain. The symptom that cholecystitis comes on, below I tell everybody.

Symptoms of cholecystitis

For patients, when patients with cholecystitis, the most important clinical manifestation is the right upper abdominal pain. At this time, patients may often eat some foods with high fat content, or they are prone to attack at night. The pain of patients is generally persistent.

When patients with chronic cholecystitis, there may also be some symptoms of indigestion, for example, patients may have some abdominal discomfort, or acid reflux nausea. Patients often have pain in brain regions and may also have jaundice.

At present, when patients with cholecystitis, the most important thing is to develop a good living habits, pay attention to a reasonable diet, eat less food with high fat content, and use some drugs under the guidance of doctors.

matters needing attention

Cholecystitis is a disease that causes great harm to our body. When it occurs, we must correct our bad eating habits. In terms of diet, we'd better eat some light and easy to digest food instead of seafood.