Which hospital of traditional Chinese medicine treats gastric cancer

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Traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of gastric cancer has the advantages of Western medicine, less side effects, my little aunt is suffering from gastric cancer, but because there are usually no good conditions, can only rely on traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment, and the effect of traditional Chinese medicine is also good. Now let me talk about which hospital of traditional Chinese medicine is good for treating gastric cancer.

Which hospital of traditional Chinese medicine treats gastric cancer

Treatment one: the treatment of cancer should generally consider surgery and postoperative chemoradiotherapy measures, but also with traditional Chinese medicine to recuperate. Traditional Chinese medicine can alleviate the symptoms and pain of patients, improve the quality of life, prolong life and reduce the mortality of cancer.

Treatment 2: radiotherapy is not helpful to the patients who are not suitable for resection, the reason is that the anatomical location can not be carried out. Radiotherapy can relieve the symptoms of obstruction and chronic bleeding of unresectable lesions.

Treatment method 3: different cancer stages have different treatment methods. In the advanced stage of cancer, the cancer cells have metastasized, so the hope of treatment is not so good. It is suggested that the treatment should be carried out according to the doctor's specific suggestions.

matters needing attention

Diet is strict in this respect, but in fact, as long as it is not strict, absolute taboo, other aspects do not have to be too strict with themselves, especially for those with a short survival period, otherwise it will increase the psychological burden, which is very unfavorable for the prognosis of the disease.