Causes of rectal cancer

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We don't have cancer genes in our family, but my brother found out rectal cancer last month. He is still very young now. He suddenly feels abdominal pain and bleeding in his stool. He found out that rectal cancer is in advanced stage. Now rectal cancer is getting younger and younger. Many friends don't know the cause of rectal cancer. Let me share it with you here!

Causes of rectal cancer

First of all, people's more and more unscientific diet has led to rectal cancer. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people's diet structure has changed to a great extent. The diet structure of high protein, high fat, more meat and less fiber is imperceptibly affecting people's health. Due to excessive accumulation of lipid, cholesterol and harmful substances in the intestine, the normal secretion function of intestinal mucosa is stimulated, which is easy to produce a variety of carcinogens and induce rectal cancer.

Secondly, environmental pollution will also cause the occurrence of rectal cancer. With the rapid development of human industrialization, it will bring about air pollution, water pollution, environmental pollution and so on. There are many harmful gases in the exhaust emission and industrial pollution. Fried and barbecue foods contain a large number of carcinogens, which will undoubtedly increase the risk of people's disease, and will lead to cancer Aggravating the severity of the disease.

Finally, people's eating habits are getting worse and worse, which will also lead to colorectal cancer. Research shows that long-term consumption of fried and pickled food, smoking and drinking, enteritis, long-term constipation are all related to the incidence of colorectal cancer. Many people need to stay up late for a long time because of work, which affects the normal detoxification of liver and stomach, resulting in harmful toxins can not be excreted through normal physiological metabolism In addition, long-term accumulation leads to rectal cancer.

matters needing attention

Don't be disheartened after getting rectal cancer. More attention should be paid to the diet, which will prolong the life cycle. The diet of patients with colorectal cancer should be diverse, not partial to food, not picky. Don't eat high-fat and high protein diet for a long time, and often eat fresh vegetables and anti-cancer food rich in vitamins. Such as tomatoes, dark green and cruciferous vegetables (celery, parsley, cabbage, mustard, radish, etc.), soybean products, citrus fruits, malt and cereal, onion, garlic, ginger, yogurt, etc.