Can high blood fat drink red wine

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Wine is now an indispensable drink for social communication. Many people will have some diseases because of drinking. For example, hyperlipidemia is one of the diseases. However, we still can't get rid of drinking, so hyperlipidemia has been accompanied by patients. So let's understand whether hyperlipidemia can drink red wine?

Can high blood fat drink red wine

First: high blood fat, can't drink red wine. Hawthorn soup: hawthorn, Polygonum multiflorum each 15 grams, sugar 60 grams. First, wash and chop hawthorn and Polygonum multiflorum, put them into the pot together, add appropriate amount of water, soak them for two hours, then boil them for about one hour, remove the dregs and take the soup, take one dose daily, and warm them twice.

Second: Hawthorn carp soup: take about 500 grams of carp, 25 grams of Hawthorn slices, 150 grams of flour, an egg. First, wash the carp and cut it into pieces, then add yellow rice wine and refined salt to soak for 15 minutes. Add some water and sugar to the flour, beat in the eggs and stir into the paste. Soak the fish in the paste. After taking out, stick dry flour on it. Deep fry it in ginger oil for 3 minutes. Then remove it. Add a little water to hawthorn and boil it thoroughly. Add a little raw flour to make the sauce. Pour in the fried fish and cook for 15 minutes. Add scallion and monosodium glutamate.

Third: hawthorn and honeysuckle soup: 30g hawthorn, 6G honeysuckle, 20g sugar. First, put hawthorn and honeysuckle in the spoon, stir fry with slow fire, add sugar, stir fry with low fire to make candied fruit, brew with boiling water, take one dose daily.

matters needing attention

We all know that hyperlipidemia also has a genetic tendency. Not all patients are hereditary. Usually, due to improper diet, even smoking habits, those who smoke more than the limit daily are advised to quit smoking because of such bad habits, We know that smoking is harmful to health, but many people have no way to quit smoking.