Can pelvic effusion be pregnant

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Recently no spirit, leucorrhea, check is pelvic effusion, finally after some treatment to improve.

Can pelvic effusion be pregnant

First: can use some anti-inflammatory drugs, with the use of traditional Chinese medicine, the effect of traditional Chinese medicine treatment is relatively good, can promote the pelvic local blood circulation, with Chinese medicine conditioning for a period of time, so that traditional Chinese medicine combined with western medicine treatment for general pelvic effusion is more effective.

Second: for pathological patients, the causes are more, such as the common menstrual period does not pay attention to health, adjacent organ inflammation spread, postpartum, post abortion infection, gynecological surgery infection and other diseases, these are more common causes, so patients must pay more attention.

Third: we can also improve our physical condition through long-term dietotherapy, which can not be achieved by drugs. For example, infertility with phlegm dampness resistance can be treated by kelp and job's tears egg soup to promote blood circulation, regulate menstruation, promote dampness and remove phlegm. Put kelp and job's tears into the pressure cooker to stew together. Add eggs when the stew is very rotten, and then stir fry them with seasoning.

matters needing attention

Patients with pelvic effusion must pay attention to personal hygiene and sexual hygiene in daily life. Develop good pudendal hygiene habits. Keep the perineum clean and dry. Clean the vulva with warm water every night. Don't wash vulva with soap or all kinds of nursing liquid, so as not to affect the self defense mechanism of vulva.