Boy gonorrhea early symptoms?

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Most of the time, male friends are easy to suffer from some male diseases. When they don't pay attention to their personal privacy in life, they are likely to become very vulnerable and easily infected with some sexually transmitted diseases. Many times, it will hit their own heart. Now the medicine is more and more developed, and male friends can pass some good diagnosis, Boy gonorrhea early symptoms? Now let me tell you something.

Boy gonorrhea early symptoms?

Male friends just found that when suffering from gonorrhea, the early symptoms often show that the urethral orifice is very itchy, and there will be redness and swelling, as well as eversion. When urinating, the waist is very painful, and there are secretions on it. These symptoms are early symptoms.

When found suffering from male gonorrhea early life, male friends must give themselves to develop a good personal habits, pay attention to their personal hygiene, life do not mix their clothes with others, so that you can avoid infection to others.

When gonorrhea is found in the early stage, we must go to the hospital for treatment in time, and we should give ourselves more patience in our life, because the disease needs a long treatment process, and male friends must have a stable mood and a good attitude in this process.

matters needing attention

When it is found that in the early stage of gonorrhea, many male friends will show very low self-esteem. During this period, family and friends should give them more encouragement, especially their wives. The most important thing is to give them more care in life.