Obsessive compulsive symptoms?

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Every time I finish something, I always want to confirm it, otherwise I always feel uneasy. To the hospital for examination, the doctor said there are mild symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder, but it is not very obvious, some people will also have these symptoms under normal circumstances. The doctor also explained the symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder to me. Now let's share the symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder with you?

Obsessive compulsive symptoms?

Symptoms 1, forced washing: repeatedly wash hands or wash objects, the heart can not get rid of the "feel dirty", knowing that they have been washed clean, but can not self-control rather than wash. It's very clean, but I always feel dirty. This is a serious psychological problem.

Symptom 2, compulsive examination: usually with obsessive-compulsive doubt at the same time. The patient is not at ease with what he knows he has done well. He checks repeatedly, such as checking the locked doors and windows, checking the written bills, letters or manuscripts, etc.

Symptom 3: forced ritual action: before daily activities, first do a set of actions with certain procedures, such as taking off shoes before going to bed and placing them according to fixed rules, otherwise you will feel uneasy and put on clothes and shoes again, and then take off shoes according to the procedures. It seems that when people are never satisfied, they will feel helpless after watching it.

matters needing attention

Obsessive compulsive disorder patients in peacetime must pay attention to more rest, do not bring too much pressure on themselves, things can be done almost, do not ask too much, repeat an action. Family members should communicate with them more and adjust their psychological problems slowly.