How does seafood allergy do

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Seafood is a kind of food that most people like in our daily life, but there is a group of people who are allergic to seafood. Today I will explain how to avoid seafood allergy.

How does seafood allergy do

Method 1: eat seafood must eat fresh, try to avoid those frozen, frozen seafood lead to high risk of allergy; it is best to freeze, and then pour some light salt water. When eating more vinegar, slowly chew. The enzyme in saliva can slow down the absorption of allergen in gastrointestinal tract.

Method 2: according to their physical quality, for example, when some people are taking drugs, they must be very careful when eating seafood. For people with poor intestinal immune function, don't be greedy for fresh food, and cook it thoroughly before eating. I hope you pay more attention.

Method 3: try not to drink when eating seafood, on the one hand, the risk of allergy will increase, on the other hand, it is easy to induce gout. Beer is not suitable for seafood. When eating seafood, drinking a lot of beer will produce too much uric acid, which can form uric acid crystals in joints and aggravate the symptoms of arthritis.

matters needing attention

Seafood is delicious, but we must pay attention to the details, according to their own constitution reasonable consumption, once the symptoms of seafood allergy, must be timely medical treatment.