Children with asthma took prednisone for five days

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Asthma is a common chronic respiratory disease which seriously endangers children's health. Its incidence rate is high, often manifested as recurrent chronic disease, which seriously affects children's learning, life and activities, and affects the growth and development of children. Let's look at the children's asthma diet. What should we pay attention to?

Children with asthma took prednisone for five days

First of all, supplement enough high-quality protein, asthmatic children due to hypoxia, make gastrointestinal peristalsis slow down, poor digestion and absorption function, cause anorexia, reduce eating, lead to malnutrition in children, supplement high-quality protein, can meet the needs of inflammation repair and nutrition supplement, carbohydrates can supplement heat, but avoid overeating gas producing food, such as pasta, beans and potatoes. Fat supply should not be on the high side, mainly eating vegetable oil.  

Secondly, increase the supply of vitamin A, B, C, calcium and iron. Vitamin A has the function of maintaining normal development and enhancing disease resistance. Vitamin B and vitamin C can increase appetite and promote the absorption of lung inflammation. Calcium has the function of anti allergy. In addition, in order to improve the body's oxygen intake and reduce the body tissue hypoxia, there will be iron deficiency. Therefore, iron supply should be maintained.

Finally, the diet should be warm, light, a small amount of food, avoid too cold and overheating, avoid too sweet and irritating, allergic food, avoid too full. The spleen and stomach of asthmatic children are weak. Eating too much raw and cold will cause gastrointestinal peristalsis to slow down, resulting in indigestion, loss of appetite, and physical decline of children, which is not conducive to the rehabilitation of asthmatic children. Eating too hot and hot will cause paroxysmal cough and induce asthma, which should be avoided.

matters needing attention

1. Diet. Develop eating habits, pay attention to food hygiene, wash hands before meals and after defecation. Eat a balanced diet and don't overeat. Diet guides the baby to form good habits. 2. Exercise. Strengthen exercise, strengthen children's physique, prevent measles, upper respiratory tract infection, acute tonsillitis and other diseases.