How does pregnant B exceed dark area return a responsibility?

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For some pregnant expectant mothers, the most worrying is definitely their own fetus. Every mother hopes her fetus can grow up healthily and complete the birth smoothly. So in the whole stage of pregnancy, we need the corresponding means to check the fetus, in order to ensure that the state of the fetus is normal. In all tests, B-ultrasound is a very common one. So when is suitable for B-ultrasound in early pregnancy, and how to analyze the results of B-ultrasound in early pregnancy? Today we will make an explanation for this problem.

How does pregnant B exceed dark area return a responsibility?

First: early pregnancy B ultrasound is mainly to exclude the possibility of ectopic pregnancy. Let's analyze some of them. GS - fetal sac: also called gestational sac. After 5 weeks of pregnancy, B ultrasound can see the fetal sac in the uterine cavity. The gestational sac diameter is about 2 cm at 6 weeks and 5 cm at 10 weeks. At this time, if the position of the fetal sac is irregular and fuzzy, and the position is in the lower part, pregnant women should be alert. If accompanied by abdominal pain or vaginal bleeding, abortion may occur.   

Second, Fe - embryo bud represents the early fetus. Fetal buds can be observed at 6-7 weeks of pregnancy. CRL represents the length of the head and buttocks, which is also known as the distance between the head and buttocks of the fetus. This data is mainly used to determine the gestational age of 7-12 weeks. FH represents the fetal head. If the contour of the fetal head is complete, it is normal. If there is defect or deformation, it is abnormal. If there is no midline displacement or hydrocephalus, it is normal.

Third: BDP represents the biparietal diameter of the fetal head, that is, the length of the widest part between the left and right sides of the fetal head, also known as the "large transverse diameter of the head". When the pregnancy is full-term, this index should reach 9.3 cm or more. According to the general rule, after the fifth month of pregnancy, it is basically consistent with the month of pregnancy. When CRL cannot be used to determine the expected production date in the early stage, BPD is often used to predict.

matters needing attention

Pregnant women in early pregnancy are very prone to abortion, so special attention should be paid to the body. We should try our best to avoid carrying heavy objects or strenuous exercise, at the same time, we should try our best to reduce the number of times we go out. Can't overwork, should increase rest, sleep to ensure adequate, and should control sex life.