What does cervical spondylosis of myelitis treatment method have

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Cervical spondylosis has long been not a unique disease of the elderly. Many young people get cervical spondylosis early because of bad habits or work. Unfortunately, I am one of them. I am engaged in the work of the basic every day to lie down, but also because they do not pay attention to have cervical spondylosis, now is suffering. It's not easy to cure if it's cured; if it's not cured, it's hard for you. I know that many of my friends have the same bad habits as me and have the possibility of cervical spondylosis. Today, I would like to share with you how to prevent cervical spondylosis, hoping to help you.

What does cervical spondylosis of myelitis treatment method have

1. In life, we must correct bad posture and habits, avoid high pillow sleep, do not shrug, talk, read books, to watch. Keep the spine straight. Pay attention to keep the neck and shoulders warm, avoid heavy loads on the head and neck, avoid excessive fatigue, and don't doze off when riding.

2. Strengthening the exercise of neck and shoulder muscles, doing the head and upper limbs flexion, extension and rotation in idle time can not only relieve fatigue, but also make muscles developed and toughness enhanced, which is conducive to the stability of cervical spine and enhance the ability of neck and shoulder to adapt to the sudden changes of neck.

3. In our daily life or work, as long as we are sitting, we should sit upright. After sitting for a period of time, we should stand up and shake our head, move our shoulders, move our neck, look up at the sky, look left, right, up and down, and do these activities, which can effectively prevent cervical spondylosis.

matters needing attention

Patients with cervical spondylosis need to regularly change the head and neck position, pay attention to rest, work and rest. Raise your head and gently move your neck in all directions. Don't always bend your neck. It is not suitable to work at the desk for a long time at a time, and work at the desk for more than 2 hours.