What soup can stomach cancer drink

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Soup is an essential food in people's life and diet. For patients with gastric cancer, proper drinking of soup is also of great help to the disease. However, patients need to pay attention that not all the soup is suitable for cancer patients. The choice of materials must be combined with their own conditions. What kind of soup can gastric cancer patients drink?

What soup can stomach cancer drink

1. Ingredients of Hericium erinaceus lean meat and egg soup: Hericium erinaceus 100g, lean pork 50g, egg 1, a little oil, salt, monosodium glutamate and scallion. Making method: soak the Hericium erinaceus in water and soak it for hair, then wash and slice it, then wash the lean pork into slices, then put it into the pot together, add appropriate amount of water and cook it into soup over low heat. After boiling the soup, beat in the eggs, add a little oil, salt and monosodium glutamate, and then add the scallion to serve. Serve with meals, soup, mushroom and meat. Efficacy: this decoction has the function of strengthening spleen and stomach, anti-cancer and anti-cancer. It is a good food therapy for gastric cancer patients.     

2、 Ingredients of sunflower stem soup: sunflower stem 5 ~ 6G. Method: Decoction with water, 1 dose per day, twice a day. Take it often. Efficacy: this soup has the effects of menstruation, diuresis, defecation and anti-cancer. It is suitable for the treatment of gastric cancer, and has certain curative effect on the remission of gastric cancer symptoms.

3、 Raw materials of Dangshen Huangqi Decoction: dangshen 15 ~ 20g, Huangqi 15 ~ 20g, Baizhu 15g, coix seed 30g, raw Pinellia 15g, Bachi 30g, Langdu 3G, tangerine peel 6G, licorice 3G. Usage: 1 dose per day, decoction. Indications: Jianpi Sanjie Decoction for strengthening the body and removing pathogenic factors is used to treat gastric cancer.

matters needing attention

About gastric cancer patients suitable for drinking soup, after reading the relevant introduction of this article, we should have a certain understanding and understanding. In fact, not only soup, any food in life, cancer patients before eating, should do the corresponding understanding, do not blindly eat, in order to avoid affecting their own condition, especially in patients with gastric cancer.