How about the effect of hair transplantation

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I often have a perm because I have little hair and the hair is very thin. After a long time, the quality of my perm has become very poor. Not to mention the phenomenon of hair loss, it is becoming more and more serious. Recently, I went to do a self hair transplant, which is really much better. For this thing, there is still a lot of knowledge in it. How about the effect of hair transplant surgery? I'll learn from you.

How about the effect of hair transplantation

First: hair transplantation technology is currently considered to be the safest and most effective method for the treatment of hair loss, with a high success rate. Through minimally invasive surgery, it can plant healthy hair follicles in its own missing hair follicles, and then grow new hair, which naturally does not fall off, and is welcomed by many patients.

Second: the hair after transplantation will continue to supplement nutrition through blood circulation, and then grow like normal hair, there will be no hair loss, and the new hair is thicker than before, so hair transplantation fundamentally solves the worries of the majority of patients with hair loss.

Third: after hair transplantation, patients should also do a good job of postoperative conditioning, ensure nutrition in diet, and do not eat spicy and irritating food, such as pepper, ginger, garlic, pepper, so as not to stimulate the blood vessels of hair follicles, and prepare several shirts or cardigans that should be taken off and worn.

matters needing attention

Must also pay attention to the following: the day can not eat, but do not eat some greasy things, as well as alcohol and tobacco are not allowed to eat. Don't eat anything you haven't eaten before on the day of operation, which may cause allergy or indigestion.