What is the function of Fangfeng Tongsheng pill

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When some people have itchy skin and want to use Fangfeng Tongsheng pill, but I don't know whether it's easy to use. Now let me tell you whether it's easy to use this pill.

What is the function of Fangfeng Tongsheng pill

Function 1: Fangfeng Tongsheng pill is a white to grayish white bright water pill, which tastes sweet, salty and slightly bitter. Its main function is to relieve exterior and interior, clear away heat and toxin. It is used for external cold and internal heat, exterior and interior solid, aversion to cold and strong heat, headache and dry throat, short red urine, constipation of stool, rubella and dampness sore.

Function 2: Fangfeng Tongsheng powder is an agent for the treatment of exterior and interior, Qi and blood, and Sanjiao. It can also be used for the treatment of headache, pneumonia, tracheitis, allergic purple paralysis, bacillary dysentery, heat drenching, intestinal carbuncle, mastitis, fatty liver and other diseases. However, this prescription is applicable to excess syndrome and heat syndrome, and is forbidden to deficiency syndrome, cold syndrome, spleen and stomach weakness or other deficiency syndrome without excess pathogen.

Function 3: some Fangfeng Tongsheng pills can be used for headache, fever, fear of cold, sore throat, short red urine, constipation and fever. In modern clinical practice, Fangfeng Tongsheng pill has been extended to some extent. The treatment of neuralgia, bronchial asthma, bacillary dysentery, multiple sores, paranasal sinusitis, skin diseases, urinary tract infection, etc. has achieved certain curative effect.

matters needing attention

Must prohibit to scratch it, to prevent more serious, to pay attention to skin cleaning, do not eat spicy food.