What symptom does human body lack microelement have

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The human body is composed of various elements. The lack of certain trace elements in the body can also cause various diseases. Now let's take a look at the symptoms of the lack of trace elements in the human body.

What symptom does human body lack microelement have

Symptom one: zinc. Zinc is not unfamiliar to everyone. There are often advertisements that supplement calcium and zinc, which is very reasonable, because zinc is the active center of many enzymes. If the lack of zinc, will lead to reduced antioxidant capacity of the eye, causing retinopathy, visual impairment. Therefore, appropriate zinc supplementation can also improve vision.

Symptom 2: copper. Copper is very important for the formation of pigment. If the lack of copper, will lead to retinal degeneration, thereby affecting vision. There are many foods to supplement copper, such as beans and animal viscera. As long as you eat enough Cereals, vegetables and fruits, you don't need to supplement copper.

Symptom 3: selenium is a necessary nutrient to maintain the vitality of human body, and it is also an important antioxidant enzyme activity center in human body. It plays an important role in the process of metabolism. When selenium is deficient in the body, it is easy to suffer from myopia and cataract. Therefore, it is also very important to supplement selenium properly.

matters needing attention

To prevent eye diseases, in addition to the usual diet, we should also pay attention to eye hygiene, not excessive use of eyes. We should have a rest after reading books and newspapers for 20 minutes. When the eyes are sour and painful, we should have a rest, and also pay attention to replenishing the water in the eyes. If you notice eye discomfort, see a doctor in time.