There are a lot of wrinkles around my nipple. Is that normal

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For women, the breast has always been the part that needs attention physiologically, and everyone's nipple is different. Here's how to explain that there are a lot of wrinkles around the nipple, which is abnormal.

There are a lot of wrinkles around my nipple. Is that normal

Case 1: the depth of areola color is related to skin color. Some people with areola are light in color. In addition, due to the influence of personal constitution and excessive stimulation of nipple, the nipple and areola will gradually become dark brown, and the nipple will become bigger. Later, it will come down again. Of course, there are wrinkles. In fact, it's not wrinkles, it's just texture.

Situation 2: with the increase of age, skin relaxation, leading to breast skin wrinkles, this is normal, do not tension. It is suggested that regular hand massage of the breast may improve the situation, normal breast wrinkles are wrinkles, do not worry too much.

Situation 3: it may be dermatitis caused by papillary fungal infection. Usually, we should pay more attention to cleaning and nursing, and try to avoid scratching when itching. It's better to go to the breast Department of the special hospital for examination. If it is caused by food allergy, can be anti allergic treatment, oral vitamin C. anti allergic drugs, topical dermatitis.

matters needing attention

For nipple wrinkles, generally speaking, are relatively normal, individual cases are diseases, as long as we understand and pay attention to this aspect, we don't need to worry too much, more often we need to pay attention to health, to eliminate diseases.