How can you infect condyloma acuminatum

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Experts say that routine leucorrhea examination can not detect condyloma acuminatum virus, because condyloma acuminatum is a virus in the skin, so leucorrhea examination and blood examination can not detect, condyloma acuminatum is very harmful to human body, condyloma acuminatum must be found early and treated early, today let me share with you how to infect condyloma acuminatum.

How can you infect condyloma acuminatum

Reason 1: there are many reasons for condyloma acuminatum. Unsanitary sex. Unclean married life is the main cause of condyloma acuminatum infection. The cause of condyloma acuminatum is mostly caused by sexual contact. Condyloma acuminatum patients are the main source of infection, spread fast, high infection rate, usually in about 3 weeks after infection. Low immunity. It refers to the cause of condyloma acuminatum caused by non-sexual contact infection. Contact with the secretion of patients with condyloma acuminatum or contaminated appliances, such as towel, foot cloth, foot basin, quilt, and even toilet ring, can become the cause of condyloma acuminatum.

Reason 2: self vaccination. After infection with condyloma acuminatum must be treated in time. The onset of condyloma acuminatum can produce pruritus, which brings great harm to patients. Many patients will often scratch the affected area. If they don't pay attention to hygiene, they will contact other parts of themselves after scratching, which will cause self inoculation infection. Trauma infection. The papillomavirus may invade the body through the small wound on the skin or mucous membrane. After the latent time, the bacteria propagate to a sufficient number and then begin to attack, becoming the cause of condyloma acuminatum.

The third reason: mother to child transmission. If the onset of condyloma acuminatum, will lead to female patients can not be pregnant. If pregnant women suffer from condyloma acuminatum, it is likely to be transmitted to the fetus. At the same time should also pay more attention, in order to avoid infection of the fetus during childbirth, can choose cesarean section, postpartum do not bath with the baby in the same basin.

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Dougen Banlan Kushen decoction is composed of radix sophorae tonkinensis, Radix Isatidis, Herba equisetifolia, Radix Sophorae Flavescentis, Radix Sophorae Flavescentis. 30 g of each medicine, 300 ml of water and 300 ml of vinegar, decoct for 25 minutes, pour out the medicine juice, then decoct for 20 minutes as the method, take the juice, the two juice into one. The temperature of the medicine juice should be warm and comfortable. When it gets cold, it can be reheated. After soaking the medicine juice with gauze pad, wet compress the local skin lesions frequently. The scope is slightly larger than the skin lesions. Each time is 30-40 minutes, twice a day, one dose a day, 20 days is a course of treatment. The gauze is only used once, and each time is changed.