Is gallstone OK operation

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Gallstone is a common and frequently occurring disease, which refers to the stones in any part of the hepatobiliary system. These conditions can also lead to many symptoms. At the same time, accompanied by abdominal distension, biliary colic, nausea and so on, hope that patients for their own body must pay attention to it. Let me learn from you today.

Is gallstone OK operation

First of all, if the gallstone is not very big, it is suggested that patients should be treated with drugs first. If the effect is not good, then surgery should be carried out to see what symptoms they are in. I hope the patient will go to the hospital for examination.

Second: in addition, the patient's diet, eat more fresh food, eat less spicy and other stimulating food. It's bad for your health to forbid yourself to drink coffee, curry, strong tea and so on. I hope patients will pay attention to these problems.

Third: the last thing to say is the life of patients, pay more attention to their condition, let yourself go to the hospital for examination, try to eat less fat food, too much fat will cause gallbladder contraction, lead to pain, we must pay attention to.

matters needing attention

In terms of the patient's body, eat appropriate foods such as black plum, corn and so on. I hope the patient can keep a happy mood every day, and a good mood will help you keep healthy.