Symptoms of stunting in boys

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In today's society, almost every family is a child. Parents regard their children as a treasure in their hands, and they are afraid of their children's illness and disaster. Most of the children can grow up as they wish, but some can't. There are a small number of boys who are stunted for some reason. When this happens to their children, parents are very worried and don't know what to do. So I'd like to share with you my views on the symptoms of stunting in boys.

Symptoms of stunting in boys

First, what are the symptoms of stunting in boys? Now let's talk about it! The typical symptom of boy's growth retardation is the slow development of reproductive organs. Normal children may have developed to the third and fourth stages, but children may still stay in the first stage. So as a parent, you must carefully observe the growth and development of your child. Once you find any problems, you must go to the hospital for examination and treatment in time.

Second, the boy's growth retardation symptoms are also manifested as abnormal face, that is to say, the child's appearance and posture are different from those of normal children. In general, children with normal development have good facial features, but children with developmental retardation do not. They may have tongue that often drags out of the corner of the mouth, and they will often drool.

Third, boys with developmental retardation also show poor language development. Under normal circumstances, children will say simple words and call their parents when they are seven or eight months old. But the children don't, they speak late, and before the age of 10, they can't understand what the adults say. This situation is very worrying.

matters needing attention

Children are not only the hope of a family, but also the future of the motherland. Children's health is bigger than the sky. Because we as parents must always pay attention to the child's health, when found where the child is uncomfortable, we must take the child to the hospital in time.