Threatened abortion will be treated for several days without bleeding

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I'm very upset now. I don't know what to do. I didn't take measures when I was with my boyfriend, which led to my pregnancy. We didn't plan to get married, so I didn't pay attention to it in those days. One day, I found something red flowing out. Later, I checked that it was spontaneous abortion. Today, I'd like to share with you what we all want to know about threatened abortion treatment without bleeding for a few days.

Threatened abortion will be treated for several days without bleeding

First: bleeding after abortion is normal. It usually lasts for three days to a week, but the amount of bleeding does not exceed the amount of menstruation. Remember to take anti-inflammatory drugs during bleeding to avoid wound infection.

Second: if more than two weeks is still bleeding, it is necessary to consider incomplete abortion, postoperative infection and other issues, to go to the hospital in time for examination.

Third: in addition, after abortion should pay attention to supplement nutrition, eat high protein digestible food. Avoid spicy food, such as pepper, ginger, garlic, strong tea and coffee. Avoid hot food, such as mutton, beef, dog meat and seafood. Keep the vulva clean, forbid sexual life within one month after operation, pay attention to rest, avoid overwork.

matters needing attention

Pay special attention to rest and keep warm. Although abortion surgery is a very small operation, but also to pay special attention to, after the best bed rest 2 ~ 3 days, half a month do not do strenuous exercise or do heavy physical labor. Special attention should be paid to keep the body warm after operation, especially not to let the abdomen get cold and not to eat cold food.