Twice a month, is aunt normal

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Menstruation is an important sign for female friends to change from a girl to a girl, so most of them are very concerned about menstruation. Today, let's explain to female friends the reason why they come twice a month.

Twice a month, is aunt normal

First: patients may first be "ovulation bleeding", that is, women in the middle of two menstrual cycles, due to ovarian ovulation caused by a small amount of vaginal bleeding. There are two reasons for bleeding during ovulation. The imbalance of sex hormone secretion makes the hormone level fluctuate greatly during ovulation, which makes the bleeding obvious.

Second, patients also need to understand that chronic inflammation of endometrium or inflammatory thickening of ovarian surface makes endometrial congestion obvious during ovulation, bleeding is not easy to stop, or inflammatory thickening of the follicle surface rupture, bleeding is more than normal, and with oviduct peristalsis reflux to the uterine cavity, vaginal discharge.

Third: at the same time, patients should also know that the duration of visible vaginal bleeding can be several hours, or 3 days to 5 days, but rarely more than 7 days, serious cases can be dripping until the next menstruation. Some bleeding volume is very little, drop namely net.

matters needing attention

Menstruation is a problem of concern, patients must avoid during menstruation, menstrual period good maintenance is very important.