The most prominent symptom of chronic pancreatitis

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Chronic pancreatitis is a very insidious disease. The most prominent symptom of this disease is abdominal pain. Abdominal pain often begins in the middle and upper abdomen, and usually appears after a full meal. Some patients with severe chronic pancreatitis will appear systemic symptoms, the most prominent symptoms of chronic pancreatitis? Let's talk about it

The most prominent symptom of chronic pancreatitis

Abdominal pain is severe, starting from the middle and upper abdomen, can also focus on the right or left upper abdomen, radiation to the back. When the whole pancreas was involved, the pain radiated to the waist and back. Pancreatitis induced by drinking often occurs during 12-48 hours after drinking, and abdominal pain occurs. Gallstone pancreatitis often appears abdominal pain after a full meal.

In the early stage, it is reflex enteroparalysis, and in severe cases, it can be caused by the stimulation of retroperitoneal cellulitis. The paralytic dilatation of the upper small intestine and transverse colon adjacent to the pancreas. Abdominal distension was more obvious in patients with ascites, bowel movement and exhaust stopped, bowel sounds weakened or disappeared.

At the initial stage, the fever was moderate, about 38 ℃. Patients with cholangitis may be accompanied with chills and high fever. High fever is one of the main symptoms of pancreatic necrosis with infection. Jaundice can be seen in biliary pancreatitis, or because the common bile duct is compressed by the edematous pancreatic head.

matters needing attention

To prevent and treat biliary tract diseases, alcohol consumption should be reduced, overeating should be avoided. Active treatment can relieve symptoms, but it is not easy to cure. Most of the advanced patients died of complications, and a few of them developed into pancreatic cancer.