Can't vitiligo be cured

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Recently found himself infected with vitiligo, the whole body feel very uncomfortable, and later went to a professional Dermatology Hospital in Hangzhou for treatment for a period of time, now the symptoms are much better. Now let's share with you whether vitiligo can be cured.

Can't vitiligo be cured

First: vitiligo can not be treated with folk prescription, folk prescription is no scientific basis. At present, there are many treatments for vitiligo. If there is no clear examination and no targeted treatment, not only the treatment has no effect, but some will aggravate the disease.

Second: folk folk prescription of vitiligo, earthwork, there is no lack of some of the treatment of vitiligo has a certain curative effect. However, the number of such prescriptions is small, timely treatment is effective for some patients, but it may not be effective for other patients.

Third: according to the testing data of the drug composition testing department, 68% of the folk prescriptions for vitiligo have improper drug composition collocation, and some folk prescriptions even add some harmful herbs to the body, which is harmful to the health of patients.

matters needing attention

For foods rich in vitamin C should eat less, because vitiligo is melanin loss disease, and vitamin C will hinder the formation of melanin, such as lemon, tomato, pineapple, strawberry, hawthorn, orange and juice.