How is giddy perspiration to return a responsibility

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Recently, the workload is very heavy. Sometimes I have to work overtime until about 12 o'clock in the evening. It seems that dizziness and sweating is not a particularly strange disease. Lang didn't feel any physical problems when he was young. He got a period of rest after the last project. During the period of rest at home, I find that I have a special headache. When I wake up at night, I will find that I am sweating a lot. I want to ask the doctor what's going on? Does it have something to do with my heavy workload a while ago? What causes headache and sweating? How can I treat it? Let's take a look at the following.

How is giddy perspiration to return a responsibility

First: from the patient's description, the patient is in a state of fatigue for a long time before suffering from headache and sweating. This kind of heavy workload is likely to be the cause of headache and sweating. It is suggested that the patient can rest at home for a period of time, sleep more, supplement more nutrition, and observe.

Second: if the patient's headache and sweating symptoms are not relieved after a period of rest, then the patient's symptoms may also be caused by cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. We know that cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease is the first cause of headache, patients can go to the relevant hospital to do a specific examination.

Third: headache and sweating may also be caused by kidney deficiency. Male patients stay up late for a long time is likely to lead to kidney deficiency, sweating is a common symptom of kidney deficiency. It is suggested that patients go to relevant departments for specific examination. Only by finding out the specific reasons can we find the right medicine.

matters needing attention

Headache and sweating are generally problems in the internal structure of the body. It is suggested that patients should not blindly judge the cause and use drugs indiscriminately. First of all, take a break at home to see if there is any relief. In addition, patients should pay attention to rest, can not stay up late for a long time.