Liver cirrhosis 3 kinds of methods help you stay away, see what nature!

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Different diseases occur in different people and have different manifestations, The treatment of the disease must be as early as possible, as we all know, in this case, we can control the further deterioration of the disease, especially liver cirrhosis, we must seize the best opportunity of treatment, in this case, it will not lead to the further deterioration of ascites due to liver cirrhosis. Experts say that advanced liver cirrhosis should not only cooperate with the doctor's treatment, but also be a good patient Diet conditioning, to avoid improper diet and aggravate the disease, as a more complex disease, liver cirrhosis three ways to help you stay away, see what nature! How can it be?

Liver cirrhosis 3 kinds of methods help you stay away, see what nature!

First: Euryale ferox stew: 30 grams of Euryale ferox, 100 grams of lean pork. Put the two together in a casserole, add appropriate amount of water, stew, remove the dregs, eat meat and drink soup. Often eat, this folk prescription Buzhong Yiqi, to nourish strong food, for ascites people have unexpected effect.

Second: Cuiyi tomato tofu soup: watermelon Cuiyi 30g, tomato 50g, tofu 150g. Cut watermelon Cuiyi, tomato and tofu into shreds to make soup. It has the functions of invigorating the spleen and eliminating food, clearing away heat and toxin, diuresis and dampness. It is not suitable for deficiency cold and weak body.

Third: 250 grams of carp, 30 grams of Coix seed, 20 grams of garlic seed, 100 grams of rice. Cook the porridge together and taste it. Indications: ascites due to cirrhosis.

matters needing attention

Appropriate amount of protein, generally daily supply of 100-120 grams. A high protein diet is of great significance in protecting liver cells and repairing damaged liver cells. When the plasma protein is too low to cause ascites and edema, the amount of protein can increase. When liver function is seriously damaged or liver coma symptoms appear, we should not give high protein diet, but strictly limit the amount of protein intake, in order to reduce the burden on the liver and reduce the concentration of ammonia in the blood.