Infectious granuloma symptoms right foot?

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Infectious granuloma usually occurs in the nasal part of the human body. With the continuous development of the disease, the disease will gradually extend to the midline of the face. Therefore, malignant granuloma is a rare granuloma characterized by progressive necrotizing ulcer. After pathological examination, patients can find inflammatory cell infiltration of various components. Therefore, we must understand some relevant medical knowledge, after the onset of timely treatment, what are the symptoms of infectious granuloma?

Infectious granuloma symptoms right foot?

1. Patients in the early stage of onset time, the first will start to appear under the sachet of cold and sinusitis performance, at the same time, there will be water or bloody secretions, at the same time can also be manifested as nasal dry scab. Local examination for general inflammation, nasal septum can appear granulomatous ulcer.

2. With the continuous development of the disease, the patient's nose will have signs of ventilation, but also accompanied by pus, often stink. General condition is OK, sweating, poor appetite, often low fever, a few high fever, with general antibiotic treatment is invalid, and local nasal mucosa swelling, erosion and even ulcer.

3. With the disease to the late stage, the patient will have weakness, and partial parts of the disfigurement, eyeball will have prominent phenomenon, vision will gradually decline, eventually, the patient will die because of failure, bleeding or complicated meningitis, which shows that the disease is very harmful.

matters needing attention

It is suggested that once patients have persistent pain, they should go to the regular medical institutions for examination as soon as possible, and treat symptomatically until the disease is confirmed, so as to avoid taking drugs without authorization, so as not to affect the recovery of the disease.