How many years can rectal cancer live?

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At present, in all malignant tumor diseases, the most common abdominal malignant tumor. Because many important organs of the human body lie in the abdomen. For example, the incidence rate of colorectal cancer is only next to that of gastric cancer. The incidence rate is relatively high in China. And, so far, there is no particularly good treatment. Of course, this is related to the relatively high degree of malignancy of the rectum. At present, there is no effective preventive measures for this disease. Let's take a look at the following.

How many years can rectal cancer live?

First: rectal cancer, as a disease, is more common in hospitals for patients with advanced rectal cancer. There are many reasons for this. For example, lack of awareness of the disease, almost no physical discomfort in the early stage of rectal cancer, leading to low treatment rate and other factors. Therefore, many patients because of this, and aggravate the patient's condition, not conducive to treatment.

Second: Patients with stage 4 rectal cancer often indicate that the patient is in the advanced stage of the disease. Patients with this rectal cancer disease, the cancer cells may have spread or metastasized, the cure rate is very low. Only through some non-surgical treatment, to extend the life of the patient.

Third: rectal cancer is a kind of disease. There are some physical discomfort in clinic. For example, stool shape change, stool habits change, stool with blood, loss of appetite, mild abdominal discomfort, pain and other manifestations. Therefore, no matter who it is, we should increase our understanding of the disease. It's good for your health.

matters needing attention

For example, radiotherapy, drug therapy and so on. It can only help the patient to relieve the pain. However, no one can guarantee how long they will live. Because the disease is not the same, the constitution is not the same.