What reason is below knee tired

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My cousin said that he has been asking me this question for a long time, because he is weak in walking, weak in going upstairs and difficult in squatting. Then I went to learn a lot about it. What's the matter with soreness of waist and knee? Now I'll share with you what's the matter with soreness of waist and knee.

What reason is below knee tired

First, lumbar and knee soreness is considered to be the existence of meniscus degeneration, but it can not be ruled out as the injury of anterior and posterior cruciate ligament of knee joint, which is mostly caused by degeneration or external force impact sprain.

Second, the patients may have acid swelling, weakness and limited movement of the knee joint during the activity. It is suggested that the patients should be treated and prevented actively after further examination.

Third: can line of local physical therapy massage and infrared lamp hot compress, local application of voltalin cream supplemented by synovitis particles treatment, if you are not at ease, you can go to the hospital to check the knee MRI examination, so as not to delay the condition, avoid the stress load and so on.

matters needing attention

Know, waist and knee soreness is how to return a responsibility, what should pay attention to is: pay attention to rest, avoid catching cold, pay attention to keep warm, avoid catching cold, etc.