How does female pelvic inflammatory disease return a responsibility

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Many women will appear the symptoms of pelvic inflammatory disease, is a common inflammation, this disease onset time is very long, belongs to a more stubborn symptom, mainly due to the retrograde infection of bacteria, will appear in the female natural defense function is destroyed when the symptoms of pelvic inflammatory disease, for patients is great harm, we need to pay attention to timely treatment . Drug therapy, surgical treatment and so on. So how is female pelvic inflammatory disease to return a responsibility, let me explain to everybody below.

How does female pelvic inflammatory disease return a responsibility

First of all: pelvic inflammatory disease can be divided into acute and chronic. For acute patients, the main symptoms are lower abdominal pain, fever and increased vaginal secretions. Abdominal pain will aggravate after activity or sexual intercourse. In severe cases, shivering, high fever, headache and other symptoms need attention.

Second: if the patient's symptoms really attack during menstruation, it will lead to increased menstrual volume and prolonged menstruation. If the patient's pelvic inflammatory disease package forms pelvic abscess, it will also cause local compression symptoms, such as bladder compression, frequent urination, urination pain, dysuria and so on.

Finally: if the rectum is compressed, there will be symptoms such as irritability. If the further development of acute pelvic inflammatory disease, will cause diffuse peritonitis, sepsis, septic shock and other serious diseases, and even endanger the lives of patients, we need to pay full attention to timely treatment.

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In addition, the main symptoms of patients with chronic pelvic inflammatory disease are lower abdominal distension, pain and lumbosacral pain, abnormal menstruation, irregular menstruation are also common symptoms, long-term treatment will make patients appear neurasthenia symptoms, we should pay attention to.