There are vascular nevi on the breast

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There are two types of vascular nevi, hemangioma and vascular malformation. Vascular malformation is vascular dysplasia, which can not disappear for life. Hemangioma is caused by the proliferation of vascular endothelial cells. For patients with this disease should be treated as soon as possible, I will share with you about the vascular nevus on the breast.

There are vascular nevi on the breast

First, for the treatment of hemangioma, we should generally establish the concept of active treatment. On the basis of correct diagnosis, we can choose the following methods according to the specific situation: laser treatment. In recent years, laser treatment of superficial vascular diseases has been more popular. Hormone therapy, local hormone injection therapy and oral corticosteroid therapy.

Second: the best treatment for hemangioma is nuclear medicine, with high safety factor, no pain, exact curative effect, easy care for parents and low price. The earlier the treatment of hemangioma, the better. Because hemangioma will grow with the passage of time and the growth of the baby, the hemangioma is too big, the more difficult the treatment is.

Third: the formation of hemangioma is related to the weakening of the inactivation of estrogen by the liver, so it is a disease of hepatitis, cirrhosis and other diseases. The name of vascular nevus is frightening. In fact, it has no harm to the human body, and often disappears by itself. However, if there are symptoms of local ulceration or bleeding, it needs to go to the hospital for surgical treatment.

matters needing attention

I'm here to give you a little warm tips: in the daily diet, we should pay attention to the healthy and reasonable diet of patients, balanced nutrition. You can choose to eat more Cereals, fish and fungi, and supplement more foods rich in vitamins and protein in the daily diet of capillary hemangioma. Pay attention not to eat salty, spicy and irritating foods. At the same time, we should eat more food rich in vitamins and trace elements.