What's the reason that men can't grow up

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Some male friends can't have a normal erection when they have sex. Sometimes the more they want to have sex, the more they can't have an erection. Every time, they let their wives down. But what's the reason that men can't have a normal erection? Let me talk about the reasons why men can't have a normal erection.

What's the reason that men can't grow up

Reason 1: first of all, psychological factors. If some men can't accept this woman or don't want to have sex with her, they will have a psychological hint that they are tired of this woman, which leads to the phenomenon that they can't have an erection, but this phenomenon generally occurs in homosexuals.

The second reason: the second is the physical factor. If male friends are very busy every day, and feel very tired, and their own pressure is very big, then they will be unable to have an erection at night, which is a normal phenomenon. It is suggested that they should pay attention to rest, avoid sex when they are too tired, and choose to have sex in the morning Life, so that you can avoid being unable to erect because of fatigue.

Reason 3: there are also spiritual factors. If men have sex with women after quarreling, they may not be able to have an erection, because after quarreling, men are mentally tired of women, so they can't have sexual desire, leading to inability to have an erection.

matters needing attention

These are the reasons why men can't have a normal erection. If these are excluded, it is recommended to go to the relevant hospital for examination in time.