How long can liver of esophagus cancer metastasis live

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When my friend knew that he suffered from esophageal cancer, especially liver metastases, he would be completely desperate, leading to more and more serious illness. In fact, this practice is completely wrong. My grandfather was diagnosed with esophageal cancer, but he has always been very confident in the treatment and recovered well after the operation. Many friends think that he will not live long after suffering from cancer How long can esophageal cancer live? Now I'll help you.

How long can liver of esophagus cancer metastasis live

First of all, the life span of patients with esophageal cancer should be determined according to the severity of the disease. The length of life of patients with esophageal cancer varies from person to person, and the length of life of different patients is also different. However, as long as early detection can be achieved and effective and reasonable treatment scheme can be adopted, the cancer can be effectively controlled.

Secondly, if patients with esophageal cancer take the correct treatment, they can prolong their life. Patients with advanced esophageal cancer should maintain a healthy and optimistic attitude, actively cooperate with the treatment, and adopt the correct treatment, which can improve the survival rate and survival time with tumor. Surgical treatment, radiotherapy and chemotherapy and other Western medical methods have certain side effects, so we must be careful in the selection, otherwise it will bring serious consequences to patients, and even accelerate death.

Finally, inappropriate treatment will accelerate the death of patients. For example, the advanced patients with metastatic cancer cells will have a great impact on the patients after operation. The patients will have to recover for a long time, and they can not receive comprehensive treatment during this period of time. As a result, the metastatic foci will grow rapidly, which may accelerate the death. The quality of care will also affect the life of patients with esophageal cancer, give patients a good living environment, do a good job in patients' life care, diet care, and psychological care, for the rehabilitation of patients has a great role.

matters needing attention

Patients with esophageal cancer, especially advanced patients, should pay special attention to their diet. Patients with advanced esophageal cancer should try to eat more food that can enter the esophagus, such as semi liquid food and full flow food. They should also pay attention to the quality of semi liquid food and full flow food. They should not limit their calories. They should be rich in nutrition, soft food, easy to digest and absorb, and homogenate food if necessary.