What operation does bile duct stone do

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The incidence rate of gallstones in daily life is quite high. Generally speaking, multiple populations refer to adults, especially women, who are more than men. Gallstones are not contagious, and there is no route of transmission. The causes of gallstones are very complex. Some of them are unchangeable factors, such as age, female, race, gene and family history. Others can be reversed, such as pregnancy, obesity, low fiber, high calorie diet, long-term fasting, lipid-lowering drugs, oral contraceptives, special diseases and so on. So in general, what are the early manifestations of gallstones in daily life? We study together.

What operation does bile duct stone do

The first is that gallstones have a certain incidence rate in daily life. First, according to the location of the stones, they can be divided into gallstones, intrahepatic bile duct stones and common bile duct stones. Bile duct stones include extrahepatic and intrahepatic bile duct stones or primary and secondary bile duct stones.

Second: according to the chemical composition of stones, stones usually include cholesterol stones, bile pigment stones or a mixture of the two, also known as mixed stones. The treatment of gallstones can be divided into non-surgical treatment, surgical treatment, litholytic treatment, extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy and traditional Chinese medicine treatment.

Third: for patients with gallstones, it is suggested that patients go to large hospitals for examination and treatment. If it's serious, it must be operated. If it's not operated, it will affect the safety of life. Also ask us to shave one day in advance and fast water the night before. In the morning into the operating room, supine position, anesthesia, disinfection, anesthesia, surgery.

matters needing attention

Cholelithiasis patients should control their diet. They should eat a variety of foods, such as raw cold, greasy, high protein, stimulating food and liquor, which are easy to help damp generate heat and cause cholestasis. They should also eat less. Should eat rich in vitamin A and vitamin C vegetables and fruits, fish and seafood.