Symptoms of old pneumonia in children

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We all know that pneumonia is a serious and common lung disease, so what are the symptoms of pneumonia in children? We all know that pneumonia is usually caused by children's cold and fever, most of which are pulmonary inflammation caused by bacterial or viral infection. In fact, when children have pneumonia, the children will be very uncomfortable, and may cause a series of other symptoms, the symptoms of old pneumonia in children. Let me tell you about it.

Symptoms of old pneumonia in children

When children have pneumonia, they often have the symptoms of cough and fever. Moreover, the symptoms of cough will gradually aggravate, and the fever will continue. Therefore, at this time, mothers should pay attention and take good care of their children to prevent the occurrence of bronchitis.

When children suffer from pneumonia, they may also have nausea and vomiting and drowsiness. Even in the daytime, children are not energetic, and they are not willing to talk to adults, and their faces are not bloody.

If children are infected with pneumonia, they may also suffer from malnutrition. The reason is that children's digestive tract is inflamed, which leads to children's unwillingness to eat. This is especially easy to cause children's malnutrition. Therefore, as a mother, we must pay attention to it.

matters needing attention

Remind mothers to pay attention to is, when the child has a fever, cold fever symptoms, must give the child timely treatment, try to avoid turning into pneumonia, if the development of pneumonia symptoms, generally need infusion treatment, so that the child will recover faster.