What fruit has profit to liver cancer

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Some time ago, I heard my third uncle say that one of his friends' brother got liver cancer. Before that, he didn't have any special symptoms, that is, he always had abdominal distension, and his face was not very good at that time. I didn't expect that he was in the late stage of liver cancer. He was hospitalized and became healthy. Do you want to know what fruit is good for liver cancer? Let me discuss with you what fruit is good for liver cancer.

What fruit has profit to liver cancer

Diet 1: yam lentil porridge: 30 grams of yam, 10 grams of lentils, 100 grams of Japonica rice. Wash the yam, peel and slice, cook the lentils half cooked, add japonica rice, and cook the yam into porridge. It can be used for spleen deficiency and diarrhea in patients with advanced liver cancer.

Diet 2: Stewed eggs with lotus root juice: 30 ml lotus root juice, 1 egg, a little rock sugar. Open the eggs, stir well, add lotus root juice, mix well, add a little rock sugar, steam slightly. If you take it frequently, this prescription is suitable for hemostasis, pain relief, stasis dispersing and bleeding of liver cancer.

Diet three: Portulaca marinated eggs: Portulaca appropriate, fresh eggs 2. First with purslane and water to make purslane brine, and then take 300 ml, boiled eggs with juice. Once a day, take the soup together. It can clear away heat and toxin, detumescence and stasis, and relieve pain. It is suitable for patients with huge liver cancer, fever, thirst and irritability.

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Abstinence: alcohol in the human body through the liver, the body's largest chemical plant to detoxify. Acetaldehyde produced in this metabolic process has great toxicity to human body, which can lead to cell damage, fat deposition in liver cells, inflammatory necrosis of liver cells, proliferation of fibrous connective tissue, and eventually lead to liver cirrhosis, some of which will turn into liver cancer.