People with anemia should never touch these foods

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Anemia is now more common symptoms, anemia serious can cause dizziness, must be timely conditioning. Usually when blood, we need to pay attention to some food is absolutely can't eat, below we understand the anemia people can't eat what food!

People with anemia should never touch these foods

1. Garlic. Anemic people must pay attention not to eat garlic, because garlic will aggravate anemia, affect health, garlic contains more volatile substances, excessive consumption will inhibit gastric secretion, reduce hemoglobin, red blood cells, aggravate anemia.   

2. Milk. Milk is a kind of drink we often drink, but people with anemia must pay attention not to drink milk. The iron content of milk is very low, while the calcium and phosphorus content is high. The iron in the body is easy to combine with the calcium and phosphorus in milk to form insoluble iron compounds, which makes the iron content in the body more insufficient.   

3. Alkaline food. Anemia people do not eat alkaline food, which is not conducive to the absorption and transformation of iron ions, is not conducive to blood, alkaline environment is not conducive to iron absorption, lack of gastric acid will also affect the free and transformation of iron in food, so anemia patients try to eat less alkaline food, such as steamed bread, buckwheat flour, etc.

matters needing attention

Anemia people have a lot of dietary taboos, the above food we can not eat, otherwise it may aggravate anemia, affect our health, at the same time also hope you can seriously understand, the correct blood, to ensure good health.