How to treat white hair? innutrition!

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There is a friend whose white hair is too long and too fast. He has just dyed it for more than a month, and his scalp is damaged after dyeing. He has white hair since he was 11 or 12 years old, but not much. To the middle age, the heart of more exercise, only 40 years old, white hair, after hospital treatment has improved. Now share with you.

How to treat white hair? innutrition!

First, the formation of juvenile white hair is closely related to malnutrition, especially the lack of vitamin B, folic acid and pantothenic acid. Hair is the most prone to turn white. Pig liver, cow liver, meat, eggs, vegetables, rice bran, etc. are rich in B vitamins. Eating more of these foods has proved that spontaneous hair loss is not irreversible, as long as the hair mother cells in the hair papilla exist normally, remove some obstacles or obstacles Pathogenic factors, hair can still turn black. You don't have to worry too much about your white hair, otherwise it may cause a vicious circle and only produce more white hair.

Second: 30 grams of cortex mori, 15 grams of Galla chinensis, 60 grams of Celosia argentea. Decoct and wash. [Formula 2] a proper amount of cortex rehmanniae, rehmanniae, Cuscuta, Achyranthes bidentata, Polygala tenuifolia and Acorus tatarinowii. Take it in honey pill or water. [Fang San] pomegranate 100g, gallnut 150g, sesame leaf 50g. Grind the coarse powder, put it into the iron vessel and water, take the juice and the rest. [Fang 4] Ligustrum lucidum 500g, jushengzi 250g. Fried in water, 20 ml each time, 2-3 times a day, warm boiled water. This prescription is a good one for treating white hair caused by Yin deficiency and blood dryness. [recipe 5] two cloves of garlic and one piece of ginger. Smash the medicine into mud, wipe the scalp, rinse with water, spray some perfume, reduce garlic flavor, and continue to rub for 3--4 months to come into effect.

Third: take black sesame 25 can be mashed, add the right amount of rice into porridge, once a day to eat, on the "little white head" white hair black has a good effect. It can also be cooked with kelp. Black sesame 30g, japonica rice 60g. First, wash the black sesame, dry it in the sun, fry and grind it, then mix it with japonica rice to make porridge. This porridge has the function of Tonifying the liver and kidney and moistening the five internal organs. It is suitable for weak body and early white hair.

matters needing attention

In addition to the food mentioned in the above prescription, you can often eat purple rice, red beans, green beans and other staple food, and also eat beef and mutton, pig liver, turtle, dark meat fish, sea cucumber and other meat, as well as carrots, spinach, purple turnip head, purple cabbage, mushrooms, black fungus and so on. In short, all dark food is beneficial to the maintenance of hair color.